We promote processes and actions to achieve food security and sovereignty in families and communities by increasing agroecological food production in production units, recovering knowledge and farmer know-how, and incorporating technical and scientific knowledge on the appropriate use and management of local resources.

LEARN about the human right to WATER

On February 22, the Center for Rural Development Studies invited to the “Forum Water as a Human Right, Current Situation of Access and Quality of Services, Culture of Supply and Management of Water in Rural Communities, Challenges and Prospects”


The Sierra Norte of Puebla is threatened by the mining industry and the expropriation of common property.

A survey conducted by the organization PODER found that 182,244 hectares are concessioned for mining, hydroelectric and hydrocarbon projects. This is 18% of the total area of the Sierra Norte, which the government has granted to private companies on terms favorable to them. In the mining sector, 169,321 hectares have been awarded to 12 companies. As for hydroelectric plants, according to PODER, 10 hydroelectric plants are planned on 12 rivers, covering 122 hectares. Eighteen municipalities in different river basins would be affected.

In response to the phenomenon of extractivism, which violates the dignity and lives of individuals, families and communities, CESDER – PRODES A.C. aims to strengthen the capacity for self-determination and autonomy of peasant and indigenous communities in the face of extractiv projects. To this end, it seeks to coordinate with other organizations in the region and with other actors with whom it shares the defense of human rights, self-determination and autonomy of peoples over their territory.

Currently, we are carrying out the following actions: