Like the tule tree, CESDER is old and robust. We celebrate our 40th anniversary by deepening our roots and growing shoots and branches in the University with People to continue to be an open house for plurality, for the diversity of people who want to build habitable worlds. Through study, conversations and connections, we have founded a transformative education to which we continue to invite.

We are resolutely opposed to the destructive development that is taking away our knowledge, our way of life and our territories. From the Sierra Norte de Puebla we build resistance near and far, from here we participate in the defense of the territory with our hearts and heads, with roots, branches and leaves.

We draw on our experience and that of those involved in this new venture to gain knowledge and insight. We are us with the other, the others, without academic hierarchies. “We try to create an educational community that starts from the encounter and the gift”, we give the word as a branch of Ahuehuete that welcomes and listens attentively to the others, it is not a “giving to the other”, it is a “giving to us together”.


Master’s degrees:

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The branches of Ahuehuete and their roots have grown and strengthened with shoots and alliances to create more habitable worlds, the alliances are now with Uci-Red, Universidad Campesina en Red, Colectivo de Prácticas Narrativas, Comaletzin, Tamachtini.

The places for the meetings are also different: in Zautla: Capoholictic and La Cañada, and in Ixtacamaxtitlan, San Andrés Tepexoxuca.